Baked Mac N’ Cheese
penne pasta in a house made cheese sauce
topped with toasted bread crumbs and
parmesan cheese, served with a house or
caesar salad

Seafood Asparagus
shrimp, scallops, lump crab meat,
mushrooms and diced asparagus with
penne pasta tossed in a rose sauce,
served with a house or caesar salad

Salmon & Shrimp Mango
fresh Atlantic salmon and Gulf shrimp
topped with our signature house-made
mango salsa, served with two sides

Steak Burrito
seasoned flank steak, rice, mixed cheese,
onions, peppers and house-made chili all
wrapped in a flour tortilla topped with a
red sauce and melted mixed cheese,
served with sides of house-made guac,
sour cream and pico de gallo

Rosemary Chicken GF
grilled chicken breasts marinated in a
lemon, garlic an rosemary infused olive oil,
served with two sides

Center Cut Filet Mignon GF
6 oz center cut filet mignon grilled to order,
served with two sides

Fish N’ Chips
fresh beer battered cod fillets served with
crispy house fries and our house-made
tartar sauce

Beer Battered Shrimp
deep fried Gulf shrimp in our house-made
beer batter, served with two sides 17.5

Crab Cakes
2 broiled crab cakes made up of our
signature blend of spices,
served with two sides

Seared Scallops
pan seared scallops in an orange sweet
Thai chili sauce, served with two sides

Baked Cod GF
fresh cod baked with a lemon and white
wine sauce, sautéed spinach, onions and
diced tomatoes, served with two sides

Chicken & Shrimp Teriyaki
tender grilled chicken breasts paired
with Gulf shrimp in a teriyaki sauce,
served with two sides

Flank Steak Chimichurri
marinated and grilled flank steak topped
with our house-made chimichurri sauce,
served with two sides

Teriyaki Salmon
fresh atlantic blackened salmon drizzled
with teriyaki sauce, served with two sides

Ravioli Rose
cheese filled raviolis topped with a house
made rose sauce, served with a house or
caesar salad

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
slow cooked baby back ribs topped with a
sweet and tangy bbq sauce,
served with two sides
half | full rack